Saturday, October 31, 2009

31 oct 09

New bike lane on Houston Lake Rd heading towards Perry. It seems alittle narrow in places but I am definetly not complaining.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Augusta Cross Race

The Augusta cross race was today. It was the 3rd race on 8 for the Georgia series. Greg and Ethan joined my on the 3 hour trip. I told myself after last week to start at the front and stay there as long as possible. I did just that, allowing myself to stay in the top 3 all day. We actually had 6 hanging on the first couple of laps but it finally dwindled down to 3 with 4th about 10 seconds back. There was a climb every lap that people ran, I found the sweet spot and rode it every lap. I would make a few seconds up there each time but was stupid and didn't lay the hammer down at the top, trying to conserve for the remainder of each lap. Because of the strength of the two with me it probably would have been wasted energy trying to attack after each climb. But I should of tried, lesson learned. That's the beauty of cross I guess, you only have 45 minutes and if you make small mistakes they can come back and haunt you. I wasn't to happy with the person who placed 2nd. He didn't do any work. He has won the opening two races so maybe he thought he didn't have to. Oh well, he still beat me.....maybe next time. All in all I felt extremely confident and strong throughout the race. I have a break next week since the race was cancelled. That will give me two weeks to prepare for the state champs in Savannah. Motor pacing is on the agenda at least twice.

Ethan and Greg both had strong showings during the C race. Greg's bike seemed to not want to cooperate initially with two punctures during warm-up. At least they were not during the race. Ethan placed 7th overall and Greg was 14th. That was Greg's first race back since winning the overall GSC series. I was stoked for him. I was extremely happy to see Ethan have such a strong race after not getting to ride much the last 3 weeks.

Here are a few photos from today.

Blackbird coffee was on the agenda coming back into Milledgeville on the way home. If it wasn't for having such an awesome job I would definitely move back. Stephanie and I both graduated from GC&SU located there.

My Honda Accord loaded down.

The podium. 3rd place overall today.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I woke up this morning to this....damn, out of The Bike Store coffee.

But luckily my wife picked up Publix coffee for a penny the other day. Crappy coffee saved my morning. It sucked but gave me a jolt.

This mornings group ride that left the shop at 10am. I used this as an easy ride to get ready for tomorrows assault on Augusta, the next cross race.

My legs feel good so I hope it carries over to tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I went out for an easy spin this morning. I wasn't able to ride Monday or Tuesday so I figured I would just spin the legs out today to get ready for tomorrow's cross practice. I have a good loop on dirt,sand, and pine straw that I do for my practices. It's perfect for anaerobic training. It has helped.

I checked the Georgia Cross overall standings after two races and I am sitting in4th overall. I am extremely satisfied. Augusta is this Sunday and I am looking forward to it.

I rode the Niner Air 9 this morning to cut down on wind chill.

Multiple layers were needed.

Ergon GX2 carbon cut down for the X0 grip shift.

By the way Race Across The Sky plays nationwide tomorrow night. Who's going? We are heading to Morrow.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Georgia-Cross Race 2

The second cross race of the series was held in Dahlonega today. Good weather, good course, good beer, what more could you ask for. Steph and I made the 3 hour trip up this morning. I was nervous not knowing what to expect of the course. I got there, checked in and pre-rode the course. My initial reaction of the course was that it was really rough. Once I lined up they started calling the top 10 up and luckily I was 7th last week so I got a front row spot. Once we started I faded back a bit but decided not to kill myself. I started picking riders off one by one. I think I passed 3 or 4 riders that either missed a turn due to too much speed or them falling over in the slick corners. The course was all the way down and all the way up. I don't think there was a flat spot on the course. If it seemed flat it was a false one or it was really off camber. The run up each lap to the start/finish was steep. After a few laps I figured out the best lines and just stayed the course for the remainder. I didn't even get into my big ring today. There was a good down hill but by the time you really picked up speed you had a sharp right hand off camber turn coming up. I ended up placing 5th overall. I am extremely happy with my performance.

I am taking tomorrow off and starting Tuesday getting ready for the Augusta venue.

Here are some pictures.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I had a few things to do today to catch up on everything.

The first thing was to get my tickets for Race Across The Sky which will play nationwide next Thursday. If you haven't got one, get one. I will be going to the theater in Morrow, south of Atlanta. Who's going?

The second thing was to clean my cross bike. I had a creak coming from it this week. I thought it was the bb but after cleaning it top to bottom I noticed the rear derailleur hanger was very loose. I am glad I spotted it today and not half way through the race when it broke.

I love this tire.

I got this ring from Cyclocross World. 44T 130BCD

For the race this weekend I decided to throw on the Bontrager Race X Lite wheels. In the Macon cross race I ran the Bontrager Classic wheels. I figured since the next race in Dahlonega might include some good climbing I threw on the lighter hoops. I should be receiving my new Egg Beater 4ti pedals tomorrow which will knock some more weight of the bike. I have been using these. They were at 308g. The 4ti are 167g per pair.

The third thing I had to do was my bike laundry.

The last thing I had to do was call Stan at No Tubes to make sure my buddy Jim's wheels would be here tomorrow. They never let me down.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am stuck in the Macon store today. Weather sucks, watching it rain and no customers. I wish I was riding.

I had a great ride with the Tuesday group last night. I ended the ride with 35 miles. Beautiful evening, temp was perfect with no wind which is odd for this area.

I ordered my new pack for those long winter training rides on the Niner. I should see it tomorrow. As Jeff Kerkove said "enough room for the kitchen sink". It should work for everything including my hiking and traveling.

The Dahlonega cross race is this weekend. My wife and I are heading up to it. I am hopping to improve on my 7th place finish from the last race. It sounds like the course suites me, lots of running and climbing.

Just to remind everyone there will be a clinic that I will be having at the Warner Robins shop on layering for year round comfortable riding. Let me know if you want to attend.

Just a hint of what I have been up to.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Long time no blog

Mike Stanley, the Niner rep who also is the manager of the Terrapin team brought us to my favorite beer company in Athens.

Tyler helping me get rid of the course tape from the first georgia cross race which I helped promote with Grant and Dave from LH Thomson. That was a busy weekend. I helped promote and still found time to race and place 7th in the B's. I felt really good with that result. No more focus on the promoting, just racing.

I have my bikes of choice for next years assualt on the mountain bike series. I know what most people are thinking, "you are a fisher guy." I still love the fisher bikes but its time to try something new for awhile. I really enjoy riding 29ers. I still have my Rig and Superfly SS which I might break out for some muddy races but overall I will be on the Niner Air 9. Its a fanatastic ride by the way.

Once I finalize some part specs I will give you a rundown on what I will be on for the winter.