Sunday, March 9, 2008

I will be changing my focus completely for 2008 due to family, work, etc. It seems like everytime I have a good week (large number of hours on the bike, etc.) it is always followed by two bad weeks. I can never seem consitent, plus the motivation isn't quit there either. I just get aggravated when I am not putting in the hours I need to to be as competitive as I know I could be. So I am revamping my whole focus from cycling to running. My wife notices how less stressed I am when I run compared to when I am training on the bike. I am always around bikes at work and then I come home and stress about training. It just adds up over a short period of time and I seem overloaded with bikes. It seems right now that I get more satisfaction out of a good run over a bike ride that was tightly squeezed in between work and family. Don't get me wrong I love cycling but I will be using it as cross training for my running, probably 2-3 times a week I will hit the bike and do the occassional fun ride like Dublin or something. I might do a mtb race here or there but I will not be 100%, it will be cross training.

One major thing that sparked my interest to really focus on running again was trail running. So after looking at races here in the southeast I picked one to really focus on and try to peak for to see how well I can do. Who knows I might suck or I might be really good. The event will be the Rock/Creek Stumpjump 50K.My complete focus will be this race. It is October 4 up in Chattanooga, TN.

So I have tried out plenty of products in the past and with an event like this I will be sticking with my favorite companies. The criteria that must be meet to become my favorite company you might ask? (I have been in the industry for awhile)
1.Great customer service (salesperson, phone etique, etc.)
2.Stands behind their product 100%
3.Tried and true products, they work
4.A company that stands behind their selective sports

Here are the companies:
Pearl Izumi (clothing and shoes)
Hammer Nutrition (perpetuem, heed, premium insurance caps, whey protein, recoverite, endurolytes)
Clif Bar (shot bloks, clif bars)
Sigma Sport (heart rate monitors)Great bang for the buck!
Tifosi Optics (sunglasses)

I am not sure about hydration systems yet. Bottles, waiste belts, etc., I am not to sure. I will be experimenting. Right now I have some Fuel Belts, I will be experimenting.
I might try using Smartwool socks instead of Pearl Izumi but trial and error will have to take place.

This adventure shall be fun. I have never done a half marathon or a full marathon. Some people think I am nuts but check here to find out how anyone can make this happen by asking yourself a few questions.

If you look at my schedule things have changed. I will keep everyone posted.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Here is some photos from the "epic" walk through the neighborhood with Caden and my wife.