Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's pretty much official, it looks like I will be flying the colors of the 29er crew for 2010. I am super excited. I have been wearing the shop's kit since 2004 so it will be something different. From the looks of it I will be racing in the SS category in the Georgia MTB series. If I don't do that for some reason I will be Expert 30-39. Yep, you read it right, 30-39, I will be 30 next year, kind of weird.

Since I mentioned Fisher check this out from Cycling News.

I guess I better start my winter training. I am going to throw in alot of running this year because I miss it. Hopefully it will help alittle. As well as doing a ton of core exercises.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Photos courtesy of Chris Lewis Photography and Beth.

Well, the season is over. I had a blast! It was a great series that at great venues, good people, and great volunteers. After not really racing much the last couple of years I forgot how much a little 2 month series racing almost every weekend can take out of you. I am physically and mentally exhausted. I will have to move up to the Men's A class now. Even though I am tired I did register for the Dirty Duathlon put on by OMBA this upcoming weekend. I believe it is a run/bike/run format all on trail. They are not releasing details until the day of which makes it fun I guess. I haven't been running much but have good legs for the bike portion. I am not looking for any good results, just to have fun. If I get a good result that will be a bonus. They only thing I am having a problem with is which bike to use, the SS #1 or SS #2 or geared and this nagging chest cold that I can't get rid of.

The shoe of choice for the Dirty Duathlon will be the Brooks Cascadia 4. My fuel of choice will be Hammer Nutrition. Based on the weather forecast my tire choice will be the Mud X and more than likely I will go with SS #1.