Monday, May 31, 2010

First win of the season!

Bike of choice: Fisher Superfly SS
Wheels: Bontrager Duster SS
Tires: Bontrager Mud X
Nutrition: Hammer Nutrition

It all worked!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Travis Brown is trying out a new Fisher at the Growler! Check it out here.
I think so much about hydration that for Sundays long ride I installed the Bontrager Race X Lite Rear Cage Holder. What amazes me is that the majority of people I ride with don't hydrate as much as they should. 16-24oz an hour depending on the rider.

Everyone that rides with me knows that I am a huge Hammer Nutrition guy but for recovery I love to eat the PowerBar Recovery Bar.

I have put in over 6 hours in the last three days. Might not be alot to some but for me it is. My fitness is coming around.

Today we were on the news here and here about the bike signs the city put on the roads. Thanks to the College Hill Corridor in Macon.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It has been hot. Lots of good training going into the legs. Another hot one for the group ride.

Busy race schedule for me coming up:

GSC #4, West Poing, Ga May 30
Bump and Grind, Alabama June 5-6
GSC #5/SERC, Dauset, June 13

Bonk Breakers!, if you havent tried them you should.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I have been putting in alot of miles on the road but on the MTB, group rides and all. I am just trying to get used to that position. I am hoping by doing this it will help my racing. One, because riding with the road group with knobbies and all makes me work harder and two, just being in the same position in training and racing. Especially with having the Dauset race coming in Sept, 6hr or 12hr, I haven't decided.

A few things I have decided on is the Bontrager RXL bib shorts are the best and Bonk Breaker bars taste great, one of the best in the food category.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My last MTB race was in Winder, GA, part of the GSC and SERC series. It was probably the worst race I have ever had. No power and a big crash on a bridge. Front wheel went out from underneath me. Besides the race, hanging out with everyone was cool. I ended up riding the RIG instead of the Superfly SS due to the trail conditions.

Some people have asked why I was building up a RIP 9 from Niner instead of a GF Hifi and the answer because the HiFi's are all out of stock until August and September. I am patiently waiting....