Friday, January 30, 2009

Katie Compton bike article from

Another write up.

This was a good write up on Katie Compton's bike. I think its cool that she is riding the same frames from last year. She sticks with what works and doesn't have to change her frame every year. I also like the mix of components on the bike as well. I think its crazy that the fact the she had to buy her own Shimano drivetrain. She is national champion but yet she has to purchase her own groupo.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Its good to see some sponsors are still backing some great individuals.

Check it out here.

I took last night off. I realized that I have been doing so much riding at night and in the morning that last Saturday was my first ride during normal daylight hours. The streak continues. I hope I can hit up some singletrack today during daylight but I highly doubt it. We will see.

Check out Sven Nys' bike.

Don't forget about the cyclo-cross world championships this weekend. will be having great coverage starting at 5:30am Saturday morning I believe. will have live coverage from the race as well. You just have to pay for

I will leave you with some bike porn. Enjoy.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I was alittle tired here.

At the top of the last climb my legs were muddy. By the time I got done it was completely dried to my legs and knee warmers.

Top 3 guys, they were fast.

More pics over at SORBA.

More info and links over at Namrita's site.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, for some reason my camera doesn't want to work so no photos right now. Yesterday morning Greg, Rick, and I left early to head up to Mulberry Gap right outside of Elijay. It rained the whole way up. Once we hit Atlanta it was about 50 degrees but once we arrived in Elijay it was about 38 degrees and raining. We registered, got our gear together and headed over to the pre-race briefing. Eddie and Namrita did an excellent job registering us and giving us all the details of the course.

The course was hard. It started out with a true cross course with a few dismounts and running sections and then ventured outside the parking lot and onto the gravel roads. Once we started the clouds cleared and the sun actually popped out. The roads werent to bad. After a few miles on the gravel we made a turn onto the only paved part of the course. After a few rollers we hit the gravel roads again which were in good condition. We eventually headed the 12 mile climb, what a bitch. It started out gradually and got steeper as it went. About 7 or so miles up we hit the aid station where a volunteer helped me swap bottles and gave me some Hammer Gels and a Hammer Bar. What was funny about the aid station was they said as soon as you head over the climb in front of you(it was steep after the aid station) its all down hill. I thought as I was going up, Eddie said it was twelve miles long not 7. Obviously the volunteer that it was funny to joke around about that. It just kept going up. For me I ended up walking alot of it. One, as we went higher up the mountain it kept getting colder and colder and the once was ice area was now turning to mud. It was like peanut butter, just soaking up all the energy you put forth. A couple of times I thought to myself,man our my brakes rubbing. And two, my legs went through a spell of being alittle tired. I ran into Rick about half way up and we continued together walking and riding where we could. It was pretty cool to notice the temperature change as we went up. At one point you could see the cloud moving right in front of you. Ice and snow were noticed on the weigh up as well. It was great. A couple sections of the climb would go down abit, a teaser of sorts, and then a steep climb would follow. My thought was, just keep moving. The descent down was 7 miles of fast switchbacks and mix of mud, water, and lots of gravel and dirt. On the way down you could notice yourself getting warmer as the temps warmed. It was actually pretty cool. I had 4 miles left after the descent and my legs felt pretty good. Once we got back to Mulberry Gap we hit the most grueling cross course that I have encountered b/c of one steep uphill. A eventually finished. I actually felt good afterwards.

I think my ride time was around 3:49 and my mileage was around 37 miles. I know it seems slow but I haven't quite got my race legs back. I only did one mtb race last year so its going to take alittle time to get them back. My excitement about riding a bike is definitely back.

My bike setup was the Gary Fisher Rig single speed. Gearing was 32/18. I was spun out on the descents but it was good for rhythm climbing. There was some trade-offs. I have alot to learn about single speeds both in riding and gear selections, remember momentum is your friend. Tire choice was the Bontrager XDX and the handled very well. My proto-type LH Thomson seatpost clamp worked flawlessly.

Eddie and Namrita put on a flawless event in my eyes. I hope there will be more slots for next year so more people can enjoy this awesome race. Good course, good people and good schwag.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well, I think I am ready for Southern Cross this weekend. I am not considering it a race for me but a long fast training ride. I will be surprised no matter what happens. I don't have a ton of miles underneath me currently because of all the running I had been doing to gear up for the half. Cardio is great, its just getting the legs to turnover those teeth on the cog and chainring over and over until the finish. This will be longest mountain bike ride since sometime last year in the fall or late summer. I am very excited. Hopefully I will not finish last.

My new ride is built and ready to go for the event. The Gary Fisher Rig. It's a single speed twenty niner. I went out for a ride earlier with Chad and Ethan and really enjoyed it. I know it stupid to ride a new bike for an event but it should be fun.

I made a few changes to the bike from stock. I added a Thomson stem and seatpost, a Ritchey WCS flat handlebar, Ergon grips, a Bontrager Inform saddle (146mm), Crank Bros. egg beaters, and the Avid Juicy 5 brakes. I currently have the stock Bontrager XDX tires on the wheels but I might switch them out for the Bontrager Mud X, my personal favorite.

The weather at Mulberry Gap, where Southern Cross will start and finish is calling for a 30% chance of rain in the morning so the Mud X tires sound the best.

Namrita is picking her favorites for the event, Mark Hekman for the men, and Cary Lowery for the women.

Tonight makes the third time this week when I have rode at night after the family goes to bed. I can't wait to see daylight while pedaling.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pics from the Half Marathon

Half Marathon Results

The half marathon results are up. Check it out here.

My official chip time was 1:30.18. That's 6:54 per mile. I am very excited to run that fast.

My brother, Derek ran 1:34.49. Last year he ran a 1:46, thats 12 minutes faster. That just shows how much work he has put in in the past year.

I will post some pictures up as soon as my wife gets back with the memory card. I just thought I would let everyone know.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pre Half Marathon

Well the bag is packed for the half marathon run tomorrow morning. It is going to be cold.

The Craft gear is the number one choice for baselayers and headwear for myself.

Hammer Nutrition will be keeping me topped off on my energy stores before, during, and after.

My shoes of choice for the run will be the Brooks Cascadia 3. I know its a trail shoe but through countless miles I have found that this shoe is the right choice. I guess its kind of like riding a cyclo-cross bike on the road. It just fits for me.

My socks of choice will be the Trek Oslo extreme weather sock.
When you've got to ride no matter how cold or wet the weather is, slip on the Oslos. These Nordic beauties boast wicking SST polypropylene uppers for warmth and extra-high cuffs that fit perfectly under leg warmers and tights. The CoolMax padding at the toes, heels and footbeds keeps out the cold and keeps in the dry comfort. Plus, there's heavy-duty elastic ribbing for support and padding at the heels for comfort and protection.

I will let everyone know with my results tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Pick up your velonews.

I have a run scheduled for tomorrow since I will not have time for anything during the day. I am looking to do around 5 miles. My half marathon is two weekends away and I feel ready enough to run at least 1:35. Anything faster would be a surprise, any slower....what can I do. That works out to around 7:14 per mile. My goal is to start around 7:45 and run negative splits every mile. My HR should start in the 150s range and I should finish in the high 170s based on my training. I can stay in the mid to upper 170s for most of the run. I have been training to be able to hold that comfortably.

I have stepped into the 21st century and recieved an Ipod from my brother. I have made a couple of playlist for the half marathon. When I run with music it always seems to help.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I rode with my brother this morning. Alittle windy but temps were perfect.

I am almost done adjusting everything for Southern Cross

I had some questions about the Southern Cross race and Namrita hooked me up. Here is the map for the 36 miles of gravel. The actual cross course is not determined but it will be on Mulberry Gap's land.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Another pic from Mark from New Years!

Friday, January 2, 2009

7th Annual New Years Day Ride

A good way to start off the new year.....Venti Caramel Machiatto

The 7th Annual New Years Day ride. We had a great turnout. Thanks to everyone for showing up and making it a good ride. We just cruised to keep everyone together.