Monday, August 11, 2008

Hello from Madison, WI. Jesse and I are sitting here in the hotel waiting for our bus to leave for Waterloo. Today we will be spending most of the day learning about the new 2009 Madones and some other newbies that will be on the lineup. I am pretty stoked to hit the roads and put in some needed miles.

We started yesterday early by flying first class into Milwaukee and then taking our rented VW (thanks Enterprise) to Madison. We hit the town and went by one of the local shops. It was absolutely packed. We pretty much just chilled all day. We ran into Shawn (our outside rep) and Matt (our inside rep) last night and talked over a couple of brews.

Sorry for no pictures. They should be posted by this afternoon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Random Blog Mode On:

It looks like Stumjump is getting more people. It shows over 170 registered runners here.

More sponsors have been added to my 4 hour mtb race. Check here for all the details.

My morning run felt pretty good. The body is finally getting used to this humidity. It feels like I am always re-hydrating. I don't think I can get ahead. NUUN has been a big help.

I have a 10k Saturday morning. My plan is to actually run there and then "compete". The run will be around 12-13 miles total depending on the way I get to the course. I figure it will give me some much needed motivation to run faster on the latter half.

Sunday I am flying out to Milwaukee, WI with Jesse and then renting a car to drive to Madison, WI for the Trek World Backstage event. My schedule so far looks like this:
Monday: road riding on the Madones all day and then a John Burke welcome.
Tuesday: MTB riding all day out in Waterloo, WI with some classes on WSD/Fit/Pavement, some outdoor booths, etc.
Wednesday: Customer Service, Trek Road, Bontrager clothing, etc.
Thursday: departing back to Ga.

You can bet this will be in a cold glass every evening I am in Wisconsin.

Random Blog Mode Off.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Karl Meltzer's attempt at "the long green tunnel" record started today. Check here for all the details and updates.

As most people can tell I am really getting into this ultra running stuff and I have not even attempted my first ultra. The training is addicting. I can't get enough of the trail running thing.

Sunday Ride Pictures

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Ride

My new ride has arrived, the Storck Scenario 1.0.

For information regarding their tour check the blog out here. The Bike Store will be hosting the tour stop this Tuesday, August 5 from 3:00 to 8:00. Call to reserve your bike today.

I did a short 8 miler today and my legs still feel heavy. I guess that is to be expected after doing a 24 miler less than a week ago. I will doing a casual 30-40 mile ride tomorrow with some friends. We will be heading out right at sunrise.

This might be in the works for next year.