Monday, September 22, 2008

I went out for my 20 miler early Saturday and the temperature outside was amazing. The first 45 minutes into the run was good until my right knee started to hurt. It eventually locked up and I had to walk. I kept walking until it loosened up and started to run again. I was able to get in 18 miles. It didn't hurt it was just tight afterwards. I haven't had any problems leading up to this. I have been training since march and exactly two weeks before my event is here I have a problem. I called to schedule an appointment to get things looked at but they have not called me back. I have been stretching a ton and icing it. It doesn't hurt right now but I can feel some soreness. We will see. My attitude is, I am going regardless even if I have to walk. The race is on the 4 oct.

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