Sunday, April 13, 2008


My son Caden won his first award yesterday morning at the Perry Dogwood 5k. It was his first race. I have been running with Caden once or twice a week just to get used to running with a stroller. It is pretty hard work. Headwinds are difficult as well as hills but it makes a 5k a tad more interesting. My legs felt surprisingly good after feeling sluggish the day before b/c of a track run that turned into a speed session on Tuesday.

Caden and I finished with a time of 20:22 (that was on my Polar S625X). After reading my data on the monitor my avg. HR was 179 and my max HR was 197. Based on that I went pretty hard. Based on the splits on the course I was pretty much even on my miles. I have been working on even splits getting ready for the Stumpjump 50k in October. Slow and steady is was I have been doing. These 5k's are just for fun. I believe I will be doing the Run 4 Missions 5k on May 3 in Macon. I might do it solo just to see how I am progressing on speed. Then on May 31 is the XTERRA trail race at Dauset.

Thanks for reading! By the way I have not turned a pedal in anger since March 16. By not riding I have not had as many problems with my hiatel hernia.

My next post will be about Hammer Nutrition and I why I think it wokrs.

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