Sunday, November 15, 2009

It was beautiful day in Dallas, Ga. Daryl Sawyer and gang put on an excellent race. Plenty of sand and mud. Grant, Ethan, and Mark made the journey, good group of guys. I had a great start, sucked in the middle, and held my own at the end outsprinting a guy for 3rd overall. Josh Stinger had some bad luck, he has won the last two races and I believe on the last lap he had a flat. That's why I was 3rd. As much as I like 3rd it sucks that I benefited by someones misfortune, he's a cool guy.

Ethan was 3rd in the C class, Mark and Grant finished in the low 20's, but don't qoute me on theirs.

Here are some photos taken by Mark.

On a different note, I switched from my SRAM components on the cross bike to Shimano Dura Ace 7800. I love SRAM components but for me the older hoods on the DA stuff is great for cross and I find it less effort to shift it during a cross race.

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ETSX Rider said...

Dude, You are kicking Butt!! keep it up man, I know have posted anything in a while been kinda slow here, going to a Dining In on Friday that oughta be interesting. Hope everyone is doing well